July 29, 2006

Just another day in my life

Got up this morning to lots of sunshine and a cool breeze. Yes, I love days like this. Hot humid weather is not for me. Have the windows open and the fans on and hopefully it will keep the house cool enough while I bake a cake and make goulash for Nikki's sleepove tonight. The kids just left to go to Rene's for Brad, Nat and Joey's party. I am waiting for Shaunna to get here so I can go and get the stuff I need for tonight. Nikki already made me her list so I know what she wants. I am makin progress on getting my scrap stuff set up more. I knew I had alot of stuff to begin with but when you combine your bedroom and scrapbook room it makes for alot of creative organization and thinking. Hope to post some pics soon. I will be changing things on here soon. I want to add some cool stuff and thanks to my fellow boardie, Jennifer, on the SD boards I hope to learn more and add more. Ok all that is it for now. Watch for changes as I try to learn the art of html hahaha

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