October 19, 2006

I love fall :)

Even though I don't like the cooler temps I love fall. The colors, the smell, well you get the picture. Yesterday Nicole was out raking leaves and Dale wanted to help :) I got these cute shots of him.

The other night Dale went with Mark for his visit and they went to get a pumpkin. I'm sitting here thinking ok it is gonna be a Dale sized pumpkin. Boy was I wrong lol Mark ended up getting a 31 lb pumpkin. He let Dale pick out the pattern to carve into it, but said Dale wanted nothing to do with digging the seeds out (I don't blame him lol). Here are a few shots of Dale and his pumpkin and one of it lit.

Ok I am off to finish making spaghetti sauce for supper :) Love using my crockpot when I have lots to do during the day.
Hope everyone has a nice night :)

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