February 20, 2007

totally random

This is just a random post haha There is no one home for me to talk to and I am really tired of talking to myself! I am HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!! For the past week I have eaten an insane # of cans of Spaghettios with meatballs and after this if I ever have to eat another one I am going to scream!!!! Granted I know that eventually once my mouth heals all the way I will be able to eat just about anything I want but man this really bites (no pun intended) that I have to eat soft food. I thought that I could eat chocolate chip cookies if they were dunked in milk, NOT!!! It still hurt to eat them. I am so craving mozzarella sticks and a french dip sandwich. Or a big juicy steak!!!! I understand the whole NO PAIN! NO GAIN! thing and I am trying to keep that in mind but I am really tired of hearing my tummy grumbling and seeing food commercials 10,000 times a night when I watch tv. When I can eat "real" food again, I think I'm gonna gain like 100 lbs cause I am going to eat everything I can get my hands on LOL
Ok, I am done rambling. Do I feel better? NO!!! I am still HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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