March 12, 2007

Needless to say I got the cake done. It must have been good because there is NONE left. It was my first attempt at a layered cake and also at decorating it. I don't think I will be attempting decorating a cake again lol

Dale received monster trucks, a talking Diego doll, and other fun toys for his birthday. The present from me is still not here (and I am hoping it comes this week) Although his Auntie said I am mean because I got him something to keep his room clean. I think he will like it because it is from the movie Cars.

That is his favorite movie besides Finding Nemo. And he is doing so well with learning to clean up after himself. We do the cleanup song like he does at daycare. And with all the toys he has he really needs something like this to keep them organized.

This week the weather is supposed to be nice and I am starting to get into the spring cleaning mood :) The kids always say watchout when mom gets into that mood because I go through everything and get rid of alot. But since we moved here last April I have been doing that anyway. We just don't need the stuff that I have gotten rid of and if someone else can use it more than us, why keep it?!

I have decided to start an art journal. Not like I don't have enough projects to work on but I have been inspired by Melanie at Be Alive Believe Be You and also the ladies at JOURNAL REVOLUTION. Even though I probably won't post many of my pages I wanted to give these ladies credit for inspiring me. I plan on using the journal to write about things way deep inside me and my feelings about things that just don't need to be put on the internet lol

Well I didn't plan on this being such a long post. I will close now and leave you with one last picture from Dale's party. He didn't quite get the whole blow out the candles thing so mommy had to help :)

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