April 18, 2007

Bedroom/Scrapbook room Redo

Yesterday I started to rearrange my room!! Forgot to take before pics haha! But this is what it looked like after I took my bed and the rug out. I was up till almost 2 this morning working on it and needless to say I might be able to sleep in there by this weekend lol. Will take pics when I log off to add more of the during and then the after. Wish me luck. I am way tired and way sore lol

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Marrianna said...

Granted, it's been several months since you posted these photos but I'm glad you did. I have been viewing all your work and reading your entries. Please respond to this comment so I can write to you directly. I am planning to organize my very first ZINE and I want to address the issue of becoming a widow at a somewhat young age. I was 47 when my 48 yr. old husband died very unexpectedly of congestive heart failure. I have always wanted to write a book about being a widow. Now that we have the wonderful world of ZINEs, I can do it and get input from other widows. Thanks, Marrianna satena@yahoo.com