December 19, 2007

Snow pics and a giveaway

Ian played in the snow and Dale just sat there looking at him lol

Well here it goes again lol I tried posting this yesterday but I got some kind of error message.

Here are my boys playing in the snow on Sunday. We ended up having another snowday on monday :( that is 3 already this winter. Let's hope that there aren't anymore anytime soon. Especially since next week is Christmas vacation.
Post a comment and I will pick a name at random to receive a box (pick to come later) filled with all kinds of craft goodies.


Lori Roberts said...

Oh Kerry that snow is not something I am missing here in Las Vegas! My first Christmas with no snow in many many years. Take care and keep safe during this Holiday Season.
Peace to you my friend!

SharonB said...

Hi Kerry,
You are not far from me. I amjust over the border in Guilderland NY. Hope you get some time to play over the holiday. I love your tags.
Sharon B

AlteredAddict said...

I love your snow pictures, We hardly ever get snow in Tennessee and if we do one of two things happen, it is either gone inside of 6 hours becuase the sun comes out and it is 70 degrees or it accompanies an ice storm and were stranded for a week - I miss snowy winters I used to live in Michigan I wish I could move Michigan winters to Tennessee:-)

Merry Christmas
Theresa in Tennessee

Faye said...

Hi Kerry. Now that's what Christmas is supposed to look like!!! We usually have at least one snow a year, sometimes more. It's the ice that causes havoc. Transplants from the northern areas laugh at us because we can't drive in snow. It's not the snow. It's the ice hidden underneath the snow. But it is so pretty out here in the countryside when everything is covered in white.
Faye in Virginia

Debby said...

The snow looks so purty. I wish we would get some. When it snows here the rain washes it away by afternoon.

Happy Holidays!

Deb said...

Wowser! Look at all the white stuff!! Can't say as I miss that, lol.

Here in So Florida it's 80 degrees and clear.

Have a wonderful holiday and a happy 2008 ... and I hereby officially bequeath to you my share of the world's snow from now until the end of time!

Hugs, Deb

A M said...

We've got tons of snow in WI too and every few days get some more...I feel trapped!


lynn said...

You are not too far from me either - I am sick of the snow and shoveling already! My grandsons are enjoying it though so that helps to keep it from being totally depressing!


Jeanene said...

Hi Kerry,
Merry christmas to you and your kddo's. I think the stuff that hit you jumped over us in NW AR. after dumping ice o Tulsa OK.
I like the Christms card gift tags.
My 12yr old grandson is big into hunting this year. I found some cardstock that had animal tracks on it and use that to make gift tags for him.They turned out pretty kool in my grandsons words.

Peace,Love & Hope to you and your kiddo's

akartisan said...

It's -35 here and we have plenty of snow already, but then, you would expect that here in Fairbanks, AK. It's supposed to warm up this weekend.

Halle said...

Lots of for the kids! We haven't gotten that much yet in MN. Only about 8 inches total.
Have a wonderful holiday!

Ina Ftacek said...

Enjoyed your blog and snow pictures because I am originally from Illinois and live in Florida 3 years and that was the last time I saw snow... I love Goodies and i hope I win especially since I am a scrapper also! Hugs and happy holidays to you and yours...Ina

wahm922 said...

Sending you some warm Florida sunshine : )

My boys have never seen snow and it has been 20 years since I've seen it. Can't say I miss it but it would be nice to take a trip so the kids can experience it.


Ginger said...

I've only seen that much snow once in my life and that was plenty. We were living in Birmingham and had a blizzard, for us. Snow was about three feet March.

I would like to see a white Christmas just once though.

Marrianna said...

We've gotten some snow here in Flagstaff, AZ, with more to come this week. I'd rather have the rain at my house but I'll take whatever. I don't shovel snow any longer and get a neighbor to help. got him a Target gift card as a thank you. Thank you for sharing your photos. Also, thank you for offering a goody package. Maybe I'll do that. It is a wonderful way to practice a MINDFUL ACT OF KINDNESS (vs. RAK). Merry Christmas. (Marrianna)

Ellen Lyn said...

That snow looks like so much fun....we're hoping to get a little here sometime soon! And who can resist a give-away?!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

Arlene said...


Love your christmas card tags.I thought of doing something with all the cards I've saved over the years but I'm such a hoarder I can't seem to cut them up.


cysworld said...

I live in California (in Sacramento, where it doesn't snow) but I can get to the snow in a matter of hours and that's the way I like it-shoveling snow doesn't sound like too much fun! Makes for a beautiful Xmas, though! Happy holidays to you and your family!

ikkinlala said...

I miss playing in the snow - we have it, but for the most part I've been busy this year when it has been light enough to do much outdoors.

Happy holidays!

Deborah said...

Looks like a Winter Wonderland to me! Out here in the Pacific Northwest, all our precip keeps coming as rain and rain and rain-- fingers crossed for just a sprinkling of that magical white stuff soon, though!

Found your delightful site through your comment at Samantha Kira's inspiring site.... I'd be honored to add my name to the list of possible recipients for that oh-so-intruiging box of art goodies!

Happiest of Holidays to you, and Warmest Wishes for an Amazing New Year!

purplepaint said...

Kerry - oh you have lots of snow! We'd love some of that out here, we're in this little pocket that keeps getting missed by the snow. Glad to hear you're in on the pay it forward! :) Merry Christmas! Marva