February 19, 2009

it's been a while

I have been busy lately :) Working on 3 projects at once. Two are pictured below, the other is an album for my friend Kaye's family. And taking lots of pictures of the sky lol, playing around with the minolta (can't wait to get the film developed), and just enjoying the days I can sit outside and listen to the birds and bask in the sun.

This is my newest art journal/altered book. I went to the local ARC shop and found a book on ballooning (while Dale was busy looking at toys that I wouldn't let him get). I am having so much fun (even with limited supplies) And I took time out the other day to print out some pics of myself (which there aren't many of) to use in this book.

My next newest project. The empty container from Char's Christmas present and a file folder kit that Ms Betty got from work on clearance. I just had to do something with that container, it is so pretty. Still in progress and hope to have more pics soon.Taken from the front steps one morning after the kids went to school.

This lil man is becoming quite the photographer (this is a self-portrait). He likes to take either my camera or Char's and just go around taking pictures of anything and everything. Maybe I will have to start a blog of just his stuff lol
I don't know if you can see it in the pic but right there in the middle is a rainbow in the clouds. There was NO RAIN mind you but yet I looked up and there it was. I ran in the house to get my camera.
So there is a quick update from me :) This afternoon I have to bring Nicole and Ian to the counselor to get back on meds (they have been off for a few weeks and boy can I tell the difference). But hopefully with new drs I can finally get someone to listen to me about Ian. I'm frustrated because I just don't know what to do or how to help him.
Have a blessed day :)

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