April 8, 2009

Me=bad blogger

No photos to share this time around. I haven't gotten the newest ones I took uploaded yet.
I have spent the past 2 mornings going through all my favorite blogs and such trying to find inspiration to work on my latest projects and even though I have been so inspired- I still am blocked. I even went and checked out 3 books at the library on Mixed Media art and that hasn't helped. I don't know if it is because 95% of my stuff is still in storage (I don't have the room in our new place) or because I have just lost the spark :(
I spent most of the day reading, 2 books in one day. And I have 3 more waiting to be read. I love that the library is within walking distance. I just need to find a different way of toting the books besides in a big shoulder bag, they get a wee bit heavy lol
But anyway I hope to be back soon with some pics to share. Maybe a few of the new place (even though I will be looking for a bigger one come august when my lease is up-- 2 bedrooms is not enough-- i am tired of sleeping on the love seat!!!)
God Bless!!!!

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