December 19, 2006

Our Christmas Tree

As promised (although a bit late) Here are pics of the living room decorated. My sister sent me this set of Angels last year and I think they are so pretty.
On top of the tv is my Hot Wheels Christmas cars, 2 decorated pinecones from my sister. On top of the left speaker are my carousels and my nativity and on the right speaker are 2 of my bigger angels.
on the shelf are my snowbabies and breakable angels.
The little tree is from Diz and I's first Christmas together. Christmas candles and underneath (no picture) is my Santa's from mom and my stuffed santa and snow man from my sister.
Dale's artwork from daycare :)
Here it is all lit up :) Not the best picture but I like it. I can't take credit for the decorating of it though. Nicole and Dale did it while I was at my stamp club meeting. Nicole even put ornaments on the back side of the tree :)
My little ham had to get his picture by the tree :) Whenever he sees me with the camera he wants to see himself so I have to take a pic or 2. This Christmas with him is going to be fun because he is actually starting to realize more. I hope to take pics of the rest of my decorating later today if I can get things accomplished beforehand. Have a busy day ahead!!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!!

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