January 11, 2007


Thanks to a link on Katie the Scrapbook Lady's blog about a post on { A }: one little word (Ali Edward's blog) I was inspired to follow in Katie's footsteps :) I have decided to pick a new word that inspires me once a month and make something using that word. This month the word that inspires me is DARE!!!! I used an artist canvas to make a wall hanging for my room :) that says Dare to Dream. For so long I have not dared to dream of anything because usually my dreams get struck down :( But with the new year starting and feeling so much more self-confident I am daring to dream again. The little heart locket does not have a key next to it because I dare to dream that there is a man out there that holds that key and when I find him I will add the key. The butterfly symbolizes my daring to dream of freedom to be who I am and not what people expect me to be. So I must say thank you to Katie and Ali for inspiring me.

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Latharia said...

Dare!! AWESOME!!!!! :) Mine is "joy"...but I like yours, too! Much more brash & edgy!