September 26, 2007

Some Randomness

Just a random post with some current pics :) a couple of my latest pages. These are for Dale's album. They still need journalling lol But I like how they came out.
My lil man blowing bubbles outside. He likes to try and catch them with the wand as they are flying.
This lil squirrel is quite the character and very friendly. Usually he sits in the tree out front and stares at me (kinda gives me the creeps lol) but yesterday he was down on the ground eating peanuts out of our hands. It was so cool.
I tell ya my Char is something else haha!!!!! This is her riding my nieces bike, wearing my nieces helmet!!!! There is never a dull moment with her around :)
Hope to be posting more pics soon. I can't post pics of my latest projects because they are surprises for some of my very best friends :)
Have a blessed day all :)

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Sheri said...

hey i saw your post in the techniques group! just watned to say hi! i like your blog!