October 24, 2007

busy, busy, busy and smoke free :)

I have been pretty productive this week :) I have not had a cigarette since 9:30 pm on Oct. 15th :) Can't say it has been easy but I am feeling alot better and my cravings have subsided alot lol This is the 3rd time in 8 years I have tried to quit and the last 2 times I quit drinking coffee also because it just tasted NASTY!!!! I am so happy to say that I am still drinking my coffee this time :) it tastes just fine (much to my and my kids happiness lol)
So here are a few of my latest projects :) The clock, the clipboard and the journal (with red and green on it) and also the letter F are being sent to La to my bestest friends and their families :) This clock is for my bff Shannon :) her fave colors are blue and yellow and I just love the way this came out. And this time the clock part actually worked again after I took it apart haha :)
This is my front and back cover to my very first altered artist journal :) I really need to learn to just play and create instead of trying to have everything perfect :) I might be adding something to this cover but I haven't decided yet :)
my new craft apron :) I don't know how to use a pattern (didn't pay attention in sewing class lol) so this was alot of guesswork but I really like it. Next I'll be making one for in the kitchen but a lil different.
I also made curtains but I don't have any pics of them.
This is for my best friend Fran :)
Miss Ginny's Journal.
Kim's clipboard :)
I have also started on 3 of my nieces Christmas presents :) I sure hope they like them :) and I have cards to make for stamp club :) along with all the many other projects :)
Probably won't get much done today though. I have to bring my dd, Charlotte, up to see a neurologist to see if he can treat her for her migraines :( She has been getting them for a while now but recently she is getting like 2 or 3 a week. And on top of that I think I am coming down with a cold so all I feel like doing is sleeping.
Have a blessed day :)


Sarah S./OpalEyedDragon said...

Looks like you've been very productive. Congratulations! And best wishes on kicking the smoking habit. I am not a smoker, but for health reasons I have just recently decided not to eat candy any more (ex diabetic) so I know how the deprivation thing goes. I wish the best for both of us in our journey towards better health! Now if only I can convince my hubby that the money I used to spend on chocolate should now be spent on art supplies....

purplepaint said...

Kerry - love your latest work! And I just have to say how proud I am of you for quitting smoking! Congratulations that is AWESOME!!! I do smoke, unfortunately and so I know how hard it is to try and quit. But you can do it, you have done it! Marva

rosebudinnh said...

wow really busy!! Congratulations! on stoping smoking. I have also with the help of the chantix pill. I needed to stop due to illness. Art is a great way to fill the missing time. Big hugs, way to go!