November 10, 2007

I am so loving having a camera phone lol Until I can save up for a new digital this is the closest I have :) But it comes in handy when I see something that I want to take a pic of :) Cheshire Lake 11/07 (I used to swim there as a lil kid)
Leaf outside of Applebee's after Jess and I got our hair cut last month.
Leaf on the steps outside the house. I so love the fall colors.
Poor butterfly that got caught on my truck but lived and flew away :)
Not in the best of moods lately and having a hard time dealing with it. I walk around the house looking for things to do even though there are a bunch of things I could be doing. I just really DON'T want to do anything. I am back to barely eating :( I just don't have an appetite lately (problems with my teeth could be the cause of that) and all I drink is coffee. I thought writing in my journal would help but that isn't even doing the job anymore and there is really no one I can talk to because they would think I had finally really lost it and sign me up for the funny farm.
So that is about it. I just thought I would post some random pics. Hope to be posting some of my art journal (which I am so loving right now) soon :)

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