February 4, 2008

Gotta <3 TJ Maxx

Saturday Nikki and I went in just looking for some new jeans for her and look what I ended up walking out with :)

For a grand total of ... are you ready for this??? LOL $3!!!!!!! The shelf is a bit scratched at the top but that is easily fixable and the box just needs 4 screws. I already have ideas on what I am going to do with both of them :) Can't wait to find the time to get started on them.

Today after I run out to do a few errands I need to play catch up on my challenges over at ENJOY : PAPER08, Overlooked, *e*. So be looking for an update and some pics (using my old digital even though the zoom is broke) of my challenge work and also maybe some pics of the new album I started "Everyday Moments".

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