February 23, 2008

Just another random post

My sister just sent me this pic of our mom:) I miss her so much and wish she was here to talk to. We used to call each other about 5 times a day just for silly stuff. And she would absolutely be loving to spoil Dale as well as the other grandkids like she always did.

Not much else going on. Just tryin to stay warm and working on projects. Hope to have some more pics to post soon if I can find where Nikki loaded them from my phone into the computer lol

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend :)

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Kim said...

Hey Kerry. Just stopping by to say hi. It's been awhile and I am finally catching up with all my blog buddies.

Love that picture of your mom. Someday I hope to complete an album of my mom (who passed away when I was 4). Unfortunately, someone is being stingy with her pictures.