July 5, 2008

Awesome 4th

A few pics from the parade :) Even though the kids are older (with the exception of Dale) I still can't miss the parade lol
Our neighbors Norm and Jason and their lil boy Digo :)

And fireworks :) I thanked Charlotte again for my camera because now I can finally take pics like this.
I even amazed myself and grilled steaks :) Up until now I always just cooked everything inside and was nervous about cooking on a grill. But I have proved to myself that I can do it lol Just one downside to it haha and that is, I don't want to cook anything if it isn't on the grill lol I'll be doing some recipe searching soon and trying new things.
Hope everyone had a great 4th :)

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Jenn said...

LOL...I love grilling too. We have a lot of tin-foil meals from the grill... so easy and yummy!