September 10, 2008

Back to Routine time & Good times with friends

Nicole started school on 9-2 :) High school at that. Back to getting up at 5:45 m-f :( I really can't complain though lol at least with getting up early I am not wasting the day sleeping. And Dale started the 4 yr old program on 9-9 :) I thought he would cry or be clingy but he walked right in and had a good day. He only goes in the afternoon for a few hours but I feel this is going to be a good thing for him :)
Having his best friend (cousin) Joey in class with him will help alot. These 2 boys really like being around each other :)
On 9-5 my friends Kelly and Dorri were in town :) I miss them so much and love that I get to see them once a year lol Last year when they were here I didn't get to take any pictures because my camera was not working but this year I got my pictures :) I wish they didn't live in TX but I know that no matter how far away they are from me if I need them, they are there :) Thank God for cell phones and text messaging lol
It is starting to get cooler here :( Summer was just not long enough lol But with cooler weather I will be inside more and hopefully getting more crafting done :)
Have a blessed day. I will be making a visit to the dr's today with my 2 girls :(

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