January 26, 2009

I'm back...

I have tried to do a post like 10 times lol but could never get the pics to load :( We made it to LA on December 5 (after a very long trip). We are so enjoying the nicer weather. And from what my friends and family tell me and what I see on the news I think we left MA at the right time because this winter seems to be NASTY!!!
And what do ya know we get to LA and the dang snow followed us. Didn't last long though lol by the afternoon it was gone.
My new subject to photograph lol This is Ms. Callie (she is Ms. Betty's cat) and boy is she spoiled.
The kids are adjusting to life back down in the south. Dale loves that he can play outside more. I love not having to drive in the snow lol Char is looking for work, hopefully she will find something soon. And she is also thinking of going to college. Ian and Nikki are attending school. Down here they have to wear uniforms and they only have 4 classes a day. Nikki says it is better because then she doesn't have to try to remember things for 7 different classes lol And Mr. Dale is enjoying lots of play time. I couldn't get him in school because there were no spots left :( He was upset but adjusted quickly.
Not much going on with me. My crafting is on hold till we get a place (we are staying at a friend's moms) of our own. I have been doing some major reading lol I think I make a trip to the library at least once a week. I do have a scrapbook I am working on (with minimal supplies mind you) for my dear friends family. But I will post about that at another time.
Well I am off to get ready to start my day- I have to make phone calls to get some appointments for the kids.
Have a blessed day :)

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