February 3, 2009

Just poppin in for a bit...

My new toy :) It was my dad's and since my sister already has a slr I got it. I haven't had much time to play around with it but I already like it because I can zoom in further with the other lense that it came with. I plan on going to the library to find some books on photography (so I can really learn how to use the lenses and stuff) And once I get the film developed I'll scan some pics in and show ya how they came out.

Konica Minolta QTsi

Description: If you’re looking for the perfect introduction to AF SLR photography, then look no further than the new Minolta Maxxum QTsi. The QTsi is the simplest and easiest to use Maxxum. It handles and operates just like a fully automatic point & shoot camera, but provides the quality end results and system flexibility that only an SLR camera can offer. And since the QTsi is part of the world-renowned Maxxum AF System, it is a camera you can grow with by adding lenses, flash units, and accessories as your creative abilities develop. (less)
One of the flower bushes in Ms. Betty's front yard. This didn't come out as well as I had hoped.

With the kids getting on the bus at 6:50 every morning I get to see some beautiful skies (so you can expect more pics like this till we move lol) I wish I could take a pic of all the stars that I see at 5 something instead- there are so many and I could just sit there and look up for ever lol

And of course I must include Ms Cali. She is one spoiled cat (I might have said that already lol) In the morning, before I have even had my coffee, she starts following me around letting me know she wants to be fed lol She has also taken to sleeping in my bed with me.
I have started a few projects (even though I have limited supplies). A scrapbook for my dear departed friends family and I am altering a book on ballooning that I got at the ARC store here in town. There are just so many gorgeous pictures in there. Will take pics soon and post.
Off to wake up kids that can't seem to get up the first time I tell them.
Have a blessed day :)

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