June 27, 2009

crazy lazy lol

With the 100+ temps I haven't been doing much but sitting inside and working on projects. I have a few in progress that I hope to share soon. a sketch journal I made out of an old book. I hand bound it and let me tell you I have ALOT to learn about binding books.
charm bracelet I made for all the charms I received from my fellow Altered_stARTers.
hand embroided cuff bracelet made from an old shirt cuff. Inspired by Elsie Flannigan.
recipe box I redid.
close up of one of the charms I made to add to my bracelet.
My youngest is spending part of her summer with her aunt in Oklahoma. Dale is due back from his dad's at the beginning of July. And my oldest is turning 18 on July 19th and moving back to MA a few days after that. :( I am upset that she is leaving but I know it is for the best.
Well I am off to finish making cheeseburgers for Char and I. and too work on another Elsie inspired cuff bracelet :)

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