July 20, 2009

Just checkin in.

This little miracle is expected to be welcomed into the world and our family on January 13th. But if he or she is anything like their mother they will be late. I still can't believe I am going to be a grandmother. LOL. But I have so many ideas in mind, of things to make for this tiny lil one.I have been doing some crafting. And even though it is only work for my etsy shop it makes me feel peaceful. I have even been doing some hand embroidery, which I haven't done in many years, and there is still alot for me to learn. But I feel if I am having fun and making something, it is all worth it.
Off to get my lil man his breakfast and do some house cleaning before I start a few more projects.
Have a blessed day.

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julia said...

Hi Kerry!
Congrats on Gramma-hood! lol It's the best thing in the world :) Our little guy is already 5 and it's just so fun. Gramma's get to say yes to everything. It's a special relationship.
Julia from Altered-start