October 13, 2009

on blogging

I am a horrible, here and there blogger. I keep saying that I really need to start blogging more but in all reality, what would I blog about??? Cleaning, cooking, surfing the web???? Boring stuff lol As much as I try I do NOT create stuff every day, so there wouldn't be cute pics of my projects. My days are spent in a very boring (to me anyway lol) way. Kids up and off to school, cleaning (dreaded laundry included), sitting at my craft desk trying to channel my muse, sitting at the computer, getting the lil one from school, cooking and then going to sleep. See, I told you BORING!!!!!! So maybe I will come up with a goal of trying to blog at least once a week. Then maybe I will have something interesting for my readers to look at and read :)
Until then, have a blessed week :)

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