October 14, 2009

Just a short vent

I have known my bf since 2nd grade (yes that is a very LONG time) In 4th grade she went after a girl that had pushed me down on the ice, she is the one I called when there was a bat in my house, she is the one my kids call if I am laying in bed crying for no reason. I LOVE this woman with all my heart. BUT... she does NOT know how to take NO for an answer. She invited me to go to a "party" at her friends house tonight, NOT my kinda thing (I am not a prude by far, but some things are better left in private)!!!! She is INSISTING that I go, no matter how many times I told her no I did not want to go.
Yes, I get the fact that she doesn't want me to get back into my old very horrible habit of staying couped up in the house, but dang, I don't want to go. I would rather walk from here to Walmart (which is a few miles away) in this cold weather, than go with her to this "party"!!! Why can she not understand my feelings???? Ugh, it bothers me that she won't listen to me sometimes.
Ok that is my vent, sorry but I had to get it out, and there isn't anyone here (besides daughter #1, who just laughs at me) to listen.

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