December 9, 2009

Snow Day

Woke up to the news saying there was no school. No biggie. This is the tree outside at about 7 am. (above pic)

The same tree at about 10:30, and it just keeps coming down lol Weatherman says it might turn to rain. Oh, I hope not, that will make a big mess.

another at 7 am.

I got out and shoveled the front part of the walkway and sanded it. Mind you, I used Dale's shovel haha not a normal adult size one, but it got the job done. One of the neighbors had walk down the street with a snowblower and made a path on the sidewalk (Bless his heart).
Sitting inside, having hot cocoa and trying to make sure I have a list of stuff that needs to be done by Sunday. I am so nervous about forgetting something for the Baby Shower (that is why I love lists, cause I am sooo forgetful haha). Then off to the dr, (hoping I get a ride instead of having to walk in this nasty stuff).
Have a good one all and for those that are getting pounded, stay safe and warm.

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