December 3, 2009

Gentle Reminders

My bestie posted on facebook the other night that she was wondering where I was, Char told her I was in bed, trying to sleep. Bestie told char that she would still need me in the am. So, when I got up I let her know I was on the computer. She just was missing me and wanted to chit chat. :) We have been friends for 25 (lol 24+1) years and even though most of that time has been spent in separate far away from each other states, we both know that no matter what we are there for each other. We love each other no matter our differences, I am inspired by her, and in awe of all she does. She has gotten me to get out of my "comfort zone" (the ladder, N.O) a few times lol. Next year at this time I will be going back to La for a visit to see her graduate from college and I truly can't wait.

I have not been feeling well the last couple of days :( This has gone on for the past month, I feel good for a few days then WHAM, back to feeling YUCK. I had posted on my myspace status about not feeling well and Diz's aunt asked what was wrong. So, I told  her and she told me I need to go to the Dr. haha. It made my heart feel good to know that even though he has been gone for 13 years his family still cares about me and the kids, I am grateful to have them as my family.

Last night one of Char's friends texted me for her number (he thought she had gotten it changed, but didn't). He texted me back "Thank you Mommy". Then Char texted me to tell me he is bringing me a 20 lb turkey to cook for Christmas dinner. :D OMGosh. See, I have decided that this year the kids and I are going to stay home for Christmas and I invited him and his g/f over for dinner, since they don't really have family to spend the day with. I have many, many "adopted" children and I love them all dearly. But Hicks is one that makes me smile and laugh the hardest.

These are both gentle reminders that even on days when I feel like yuck and feel like nothing is going right, I am loved no matter what.

Have a blessed day, all.

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