December 2, 2009

Snow on December 1st.

Yep all those lil white dot looking thins are snowflakes. I have to say with the first snowfall I get excited, even if it was only a lil bit. After the first time I really don't like it so much, unless of course we get ALOT of it, then it is gorgeous and well, I like it till it starts to melt and ends up being dirty slush lol

Can't wait to get a ton of snow and take pics of this tree out front. It will be gorgeous.
Ok off to start my day.
Have a blessed one, all.


Shannon said...

Dear BFF24+1,
Your post was pretty beautiful. You made me cry outta happiness and sadness because I miss you terribly. But, I know we have each other always....ALWAYS!!!
I'm so glad that you and I are friends, the best EVER. It seems like yesterday when we met on that street corner....and look, 25 years have come and gone. All the life stuffed inside those 25 years and we were always BFF's. I hate the times we "lost touch" BUT we NEVER LOST HEART!! I love you very much!! You know I'm here for you..always BFF24+1!!!
You inspire me also, and enthrall me with all the things you do, and raising the kids...pretty darn impressive!! I pray for you every day and hope that your life is filled with complete happiness. You are very, very loved.

Kerry said...

Bestie now I am in tears :) Happy ones though.