January 16, 2007

More purple projects & some goofing off

I bought this K at Target. Painted it purple (obviously lol) and then used a stencil to decorate it and also patterned paper.
Somewhere on the www on someone's blog (searched so many the other day I can't remember where I saw it, so I can't give proper credit) I found the idea to make a little notebook/journal for my scrapping ideas. I figured it was a good way to get rid of the big old stack of magazines I have laying around taking up precious space in my limited scrap area. I don't really like how I look in the pic but it isn't often that my oldest is willing to take a pic with me even if we are goofing around. She keeps making these faces and all I can do is laugh cause she is so funny looking :) and of course I had to do the bunny ears.
Well that is all for now :) Need to get little one dressed for daycare and then I have errands to run. Even though I know it is really cold outside (like 24 degrees cold) I have to get these things done. So I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

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